Perguntas frequentes sobre telhas de metal revestidas de pedra


How fireproof is the stone-coated metal roof?

The metal roof is made of high fire protection. It has an A rating for fire protection, the highest rating. So is the stone-coated metal roof.

How much does a stone coated metal roof cost?

It is a better roofing product than simple metal roofing, so the cost of stone coated metal shingles is higher than traditional roofing shingles. However, the higher cost is still welcome. This is because the maintenance cost of stone-coated metal shingles is very low.

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Is the stone coated metal roof noisy on rainy days?

No, the stone coating on the tile is a good noise-canceling effect when it rains. According to the survey, the noise level of stone-coated metal shingles is almost the same as that of other roofing products.

How about wind resistance?

The installation of the stone-coated metal roof is very strong. Many models have been tested to withstand hurricane winds. Winds below 120 miles per hour are nothing to worry about unless they are strong enough to topple houses.

Can hail damage metal roofs?

The stone-coated metal roof is based on aluminum and zinc plating and is covered with natural stone sand. After a hailstorm, a slight distortion can be restored with a simple repair.

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